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ES Twist 2003 - AkikHaroonMusic
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What is this sponsor page for?

Making a living as a musician is tricky these days Music has become so expensive

it costs so much to even help someone

The high quality of my productions is due to over 3 decades of dedication,

work & practice.

I've given my whole life to making music & helping others reach their full potential

I also work full time for a day job

My job includes:
- Composing
- Recording & engineering
- Playing (and buying) all the instruments & singing guides to the songs
- Mixing

(This is by far the most time-consuming part)
- Mastering
- Promotion, social media, etc...
- All managerial, clerical & financial stuff

That's a lot of work for one person!
songs can often take hours to create & that's not including the

promotion & managerial support

So when you donate to me, you're sending some money towards the running of the studio along with other services such as here 

please keep in mind selected children are never charged or their parents 

for any services they take from me 

I don't believe in putting any exclusive songs behind a paywall,

I want every fan to be able to hear every song

I release regardless of their financial situation

 in order to let me keep making the things you enjoy 

a small contribution be appreciated 

Thank You

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