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ES Twist 2003 - AkikHaroonMusic
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What is this sponsor page for?

Why is this sponsor page there?

These days, it's difficult to support oneself as a musician. The cost of music has gone up significantly.

Even trying to assist someone costs a lot of money & time.

I have devoted more than thirty years of my life to music.

My entire life has been dedicated to creating music and assisting others in realising their own potential.

In addition, I have a day job that I work full-time.

My job includes:
- Composing
- Recording & engineering
- Playing (and buying) all the instruments & singing guides to the songs
- Mixing

(This is by far the most time-consuming part)
- Mastering

- Promotion, social media, etc...
- All managerial, clerical & financial stuff

That's a lot of work for one person!
songs can often take hours to create & that's not in
cluding the

promotion & managerial support

Thus, when you give to me, you're contributing to the operation of the studio as well as other services like this one. 

Please remember that parents or chosen children are never charged. 

for any services they may use

 in order to let me keep making the things you enjoy 

a small contribution be appreciated 

Thank You

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